At Sierra Media Solutions, the list of industries and publications we’ve worked with is as extensive and varied as our service itself. Where one day we may find ourselves writing an on-hold message for an exclusive wine storage facility, the next day may have us interviewing an electrical contractor about a multimillion-dollar project.

In addition, some hands-on experiences have found us on a small tugboat alongside a massive container ship in Fort Lauderdale; touring a French culinary school in Chicago; visiting mushroom farms in Pennsylvania; and viewing the daily production at a floral facility in Miami – all in order to gain the most knowledge and accurate information before we write the first word.

It’s that kind of commitment we offer every one of our clients, both past and present, as represented by the publications and industries detailed below.

“The art of writing is more than putting words on a page. It is the marriage of imagination and language.”

– Tabetha Beggs