As editor of a local magazine, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brenda on a monthly basis and am impressed with her excellent writing skills, creativity, wit, and attention to detail. Her work is turned in timely, even last-minute assignments, which frequently occur. She is experienced in layout and offers suggestions for page design and content. I’ve come to rely on Brenda for proofing and editing our interviews. She’s been a tremendous help to our magazine and I highly recommend her.”

Barbara Freund
Vero’s Voice

I loved meeting and working with Brenda as she and her husband searched for their new home in Vero Beach! She was always on time, had impeccable notes, was very organized and definitely had a way with words! I knew she would be a welcome addition to the writers in the area.”

Kitty Rossetti
Re/Max Associated Realty

I had the pleasure of working with Brenda on a publication that ran every day for the duration of a 5-day meeting. Our full-time editor, who had been in charge of the publication, left the company mid-stream in the production process. Brenda picked up the reins and produced solid editorial both before and on the days of the meeting. We were on a tight schedule, but I never had to worry about anything going late because Brenda was thorough and efficient in getting the necessary copy to me on schedule, and was further available for proofing and edits. Her participation made what could have been a logistical headache into an experience where her participation made my job easier."

Beth Vasil, Graphic Production Manager
HMP Communications

As a conference newspaper publisher, we seek to work with experienced writers who have a strong attention to detail and excellent writing skills – and Brenda Silva meets these expectations, and then some. As a medical writer for our show dailies, Brenda turns around well-written content in just a few hours – capturing quotes, statistics and attendee feedback. She quickly embraced the daily-deadline pressures of show dailies. Brenda has also contributed her editing skills to our projects, helping our team to produce publications with very clean copy. Brenda’s definitely one of my go-to science writers and I’d highly recommend her.”

Jenn Waters
Assistant Publisher/Digital Media Manager
CustomNEWS, Inc.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Brenda on several projects. Her writing was excellent and rarely needed editing, and she was always punctual with deadlines and easy to work with. I recommend Brenda for all your content writing needs."

Amir Watynski, President
Watt Media, Inc.

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know.”

– Ernest Hemingway